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A rant about bloody useless products

Posted in Marketing, advertising, ethics with tags , , , on March 26, 2010 by marketingheart

OK so I bought some spray-on wheel cleaner to get that brake gunk off my car’s alloy wheels. It was great, the wheels never looked so good, and so easy: spray-on, hose off.

I ran out of the stuff after a while and not remembering what brand i had originally bought, selected a replacement bottle at random. This stuff was USELESS. I tried it twice, I left it on longer, I even did a control test against just using water…guess what, this stuff worked the SAME AS WATER. In other words, this product did nothing whatsoever.

I contacted the company, left a message and my details on their customer feedback message service…and never heard back.

Result? Not just the useless brand, but the whole category has lost me (The brand was Black Knight by the way). I hate the barefaced robbery inherent in such a product, both at manufacturer level and at retailer level. I shake my head at the stupidity and waste – what’s the strategy, sell once and never again? How stupid do they think consumers are?