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Twitter eats itself; talking the piss out of ‘graffiti tweeters’

Posted in Marketing, advertising, ethics with tags , , , , , , , on May 8, 2010 by marketingheart

Those ‘Grafitti Tweeters’ I discussed earlier and who I renamed Twankers have been squarely targetd in a great social media campaign by Pringles in the UK.

Pringles socia media campaign uses the medium to make fun of the mediums users!
Pringles in the UK is promoting its ‘sharing’ positioning by poking fun at Twankers. The work of Wunderman ‘The Oversharers’ encourages consumers to name and shame friends who share mindless staus updates and other emptiness. The camapign suggests they share things that are ‘really worth sharing, like Pringles’.

A website showcasing the most banal tweets, such as: ‘Just eaten a sausage roll!!!’ offers visitors the ability to download a Facebook ‘Overshare’ button. When users click on ‘Overshare’, the Twanker will receive a message advising them to seek help at the Pringles website.

In addition, a viral function enables consumers to send customised videos to their friends suggesting that they stop sharing information online that does not interest others. They can also send them T-shirts and caps carrying their most banal updates.

A fantastic use of the medium to bite itself…..cannibalistic and pertinent.


Twitter = toilet wall graffiti

Posted in Marketing, advertising, ethics with tags , , , , on April 16, 2010 by marketingheart

I like this analogy, I really do. Don’t get me wrong I use twitter a little to follow a few industry people, but sometimes out of curiosity i look at the trending subjects and boy is it depressing. Comparing it to toilet graffiti is actually really flattering to this tsunami of nothing. What should we call these naff, pointless staus updaters….Twankers?

Anyways, the graffiti analogy isn’t mine, I’m not that clever, it was penned by my guru de jour, Chris Arnold in realtion to the use by British pollies of social media in the current election campaign. Read on, Chris is da man.