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Useless phone directories

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What do we make of Sensis delivering unwanted mountains of paper to us each year. Well, for the most part we simply cop it mutely.
Amazingly in this digital age, 20.9 million phone directories are printed and distributed each year in Australia. How may are are directly thrown out isn’t known but the evidence around my streets is..most of them. 
phone book waste
What a waste of paper and an unnecessary contribution to global warming. The cradle-to-grave carbon emissions for these phone directories has been calculated as 175,000 tonnes per year. That is equivalent to the carbon emissions of about 35,000 cars. 

In Australia, it is possible to request that phone directories are not printed and delivered to your house. Simply go online to Sensis or call 1800 810 211. Just 480 cancellations delivers the equivalent reduction in emissions as removing one car from the roads permanently…however, last year there were only 1311 requests to cancel delivery. Australians appear to lag other countries in this regard.say no to phone books
Why on earth wouldn’t Sensis/Telstra take the lead on this and promote cancellations for the kudos and the cost reduction..surely they don’t think that’d further accelerate the decline in landline usage? No, must be about the revenue from listings. Short sighted stuff.


‘Evil’ Woolworths confounds us by doing some…good

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Woolies touches so many businesses that stories about its heavy handed business dealing are rife, and there’s even an active facebook hater’s group for those who wish to vent. Primary producers are particularly huffy about the power of Coles and Woolies. Hell, even the graphic design comunity took some shots when the new brand was launched, suggesting (gasp) the logo aspired to Apple greatness..or ripped it off.
woolworths apple

(As an aside, a story broke late last year about three Woolies buyers getting the sack for paying too much to a particular parsnips producer and also giving him/her too much share of business. Head office quaintly denied any kickbacks, instead saying the buyers had simply been sacked for paying too much! Wonder how the primary producers felt when they read that!).

Anyway, it’s not all bad….Woolworths has been recognised as one of the 50 highest scoring global companies in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) for the second year in a row and was the second highest scoring retailer in the world. Only five Australian companies were listed in the CDLI this year.

In 2007, Woolies announced an overall target to cut carbon by 40 per cent by 2015 through a range of initiatives including the implementation of sustainable green store formats, transport and logistics improvements and the integration of detailed, systematic reporting. Woolworths created 1500 instore Eco Ambassadors to help with the push.

Sounds like good news to me…wonder if it got mentioned on that Facebook group.