I’ve worked in marketing for…well, too long. Weird for somebody who cares deeply for the planet, you might think. I know I do.

Why weird? By working in marketing I am actively participating in the system of continuous consumption that is damaging this world. Reconciling what I do with my deeply held belief that we all need to consume LESS not more, has been an ongoing source of internal conflict for my whole career.
What to do? I’ve tried to escape the marketing industry a couple of times, but it’s my profession, it’s what I know and I don’t really have the option of starting all over.  In the past I’ve marketed the arts and public transport and I felt good about that. But those gigs are rare. Now I just look for an ethical, authentic and responsible angle to what I do. Sometimes it’s very hard to find.
sustainable marketing

I have to build on my knowledge base in the most constructive way I can – to do what I can to change marketing from the inside. This blog is where I try to share some thoughts about the confluence of marketing with ethics and sustainability. A Google search of marketing ethics  a few years ago yielded almost nothing but I’m pleased to see a growing conversation around the issue. I hope my blog contributes something and gives marketers pause for thought about the responsibility they bear. I hope that young aspirants who see advertising as a ‘cool’ career choice give this issue some thought and perhaps consider whether there might be more constructive ways of applying their creativity.



4 Responses to “About”

  1. Donna Enterprise Says:

    This is a blog worth reading!

  2. Now that’s an important blog. Not like those other smart-asses.

  3. how do you suscribe

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