Sexism in advertising…alive and well

Sigh, you’d think advertisers would think a little harder in this day and age about trading in sexist stereotypes. No such luck, here are a couple of recent examples of pervasive sexism.

First Sun Super which is running a poster campaign that tell us that boys dream of being racing drivers and girls dream of being cheerleaders. Really? I wonder what the marketing manager/creative director would say if his/her daughter came home from primary school and said she wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up.


The rather beautiful irony of this is that Sun took the campaign a step further and encourage people to post their dreams online, with a prize for the best ones. On their site the top ten dreams posted are, well, somewhat more inspirational than the kiddy dreams represented in the ad.  Number 1 revolves around saving animals, number 6 is Preventing neuroblastoma childhood cancer. In fact all top ten are similarly worthy dreams. Seems Sun Super’s audience radically outclassed the company itself…wonder if they’ll have a little more respect for their market next time?

The next example is more about the presentation of celebrities. The poster below shows two celebs who are just two years apart in age. And yet one is allowed to show wrinkles, and one is retouched (and botoxed) to show none. Guess which gender gets to age gracefully?




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