The West called to account by Bolivia at the UN Climate Change Conference

Carbon emissions from various global regions d...

Carbon emissions from various global regions during the period 1800–2000 AD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An amazingly courageous and clear-sighted act of leadership came from the most unexpected quarter in Qatar the other day. Jose Antonio Zamora Gutierrez, Bolivia’s Minister of Environment and Water stood up and told it like it is. Amongst other gems:

“The causes of the climate crisis are directly related to the accumulation and concentration of wealth in few countries and in small social groups, excessive and wasteful mass consumption, under the belief that having more is living better”.

“A wasteful, consumerist, exclusionary, greedy civilization generating wealth in some hands and poverty everywhere, has produced pollution and climate crisis”.

“Let’s be careful of the intentions of some developed parties to make us feel resigned in front of this terrible reality, and admit the inertia and inaction of those countries that are historically responsible of global warming, sending us a message that is better to have a “pragmatic” attitude, which of course will condemn to cook planet and the extinction of the humanity.”

“The withdrawal of some developed countries of the Kyoto protocol and avoiding of their commitments is an attack on the Mother Earth and to life.The problem of climate crisis will not be solved with political declarations, but with specific commitments. We will not pay the climate debt of developed countries to developing countries. They, developed countries, must fulfill their responsibility.”

The full speech is reproduced here.


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