A challenge to Ozzie Christmas TV advertisers – do better

Eeuuch, here we go again! We in Australia get subjected each year to the most appalling dross served up by our retailers in their seasonally themed TVC’s. As if too much food alone wasn’t enough to turn our stomachs…

Here’s how prominent UK sister company retailers Waitrose and John Lewis did it – two very different approaches. Could we imagine this level of finesse from Coles or Woolies this or any other year? How I wish.

Opinions vary about which approach is best…writing in The Guardian Charlie Brooker described the John Lewis commercial as “creepy bullshit” and said that anyone who cried about it was “literally sobbing IQ points out of their body”. How do you really feel, Charlie?

Waitrose, for their part rejected the traditional festive spot, instead persuading celebrity chefs Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal to waive their normal appearance fees and telling viewers that instead of making a “fancy TV advert” they’d donate more money to charity. Marketing magazine reports that the supermarket will donate an additional £1 million as a result of its pared down ad on top of the £600,000 it usually gives. Nice strategy, nicely done.

Makes me yearn for a white Christmas, that’s for sure.

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