Brands continue to support Alan Jones…oh, wait, no they don’t…

Yes, I detest him. OK so that said, what else is new? Well, like so many others I was overjoyed to read about the response of advertisers to the 2GB broadcaster’s recent digraceful gaff – they ran away in droves. Brand such as Woolworth’s, ING direct and Freedom Furniture were among those that withdrew, costing the station an estimated $2 million per month in loss, according to the SMH.
…only according to some reports to return just a couple of days later. I was simply gobsmacked by this hypocrisy. If they took a stand against Jones disgusting behaviour well and good, but this shows they simply ducked for cover while the story was hot, only to slink back to their hateful extremist audience as soon as most people’s eyes were turned.

Well, not quite. The reality is that 2GB actually suspended all advertising on the show, in order, they claimed, to prevent boycott threats being made against the advertisers. So maybe those advertisers were just hammering to get back behind their mate Jones as soon as 2GB let them return?

Well, as it turned out a couple of days later, not really. Word has it that most big brands are staying away. Suzuki and Paul’s Warehouse were two that returned and then quickly left again, claiming the return was caused by scheduling errors.

As it turns out, small business emerged as the most committed supporters of Jone’s program. Makes you wonder…As one commenter said in  the Mumbrella forum “if someone dumps an enormous pile of shit at the end of my street, some people may well stop and look at it, but why would a company want to put their logo on it?”. Maybe small businesses just don’t have the marketing sophistication to understand the dangers of pinning their brand to a pile of shit!


Whilst on the subject of taking pleasure from Jone’s downfall (see, I admit that too!)… Just the other day more humiliation was poured on Jones as the communications watchdog ACMA ordered him to undergo some basic journalism ‘factual accuracy’ training. Hilarious. According to The Australian “An ACMA spokeswoman said Jones was the first person found to have failed to canvass a range of views as required under the codes. The ruling centres on programs …, in which Jones made claims about … the percentage of man-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, for which ACMA said “presenter Alan Jones prepared his own script and did not fact-check or verify facts”.”

Here Lenore Taylor suggest some facts he could start with.


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