Aldi does the right thing. Coles? Woolies? Nope!

While the two big Australian supermarkets controversially profit from people’s gambling weaknessesImage through their extensive pokies ownership (Coles and Woolies together own more high-intensity pokie machines than the top 5 casinos in Last Vegas combined), Aldi is quietly taking another view of its role in society, introducing a free battery recycling program backed by PLanet Ark. (Would have been nice to see the battery manufacturers kick the can too!).

Kudos, and from a person with two kids, thank you – that bag of dead batteries was getting ridiculously big!

I hope this helps reduce the annual 300+ million common household batteries are thrown away with ordinary waste and 8,000 tonnes worth of household batteries end up in the landfill annually.

BTW Aldi has also been unafraid to take on the banks in the past.


One Response to “Aldi does the right thing. Coles? Woolies? Nope!”

  1. It’s about marketing, ethic and sustainability. It tries to be about the place where those three things met…or could possibly meet.

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