If graphic designers ruled the world…

OK so we entrusted the running of the Western world to the free market capital types, and I think it’s safe to say we’re not considering that an overwhelming success (aka it might just spell the end of civilization or even humanity), so what sort of world would we have if a graphic designer ran it?

I guess one obvious answer is that we’d have more products/services that look like Apple’s and fewer that looked like Microsoft’s (seriously do they actually kill any designer who dares enter their premises?).

ImageAnother is that maybe the macho thrusting of politics would be replaced by a gentler, more nuanced approach to communication. Like the Chamomile Tea Party, created by designer Jeff Gates. Jeff uses his skills to promote rationality during this rancorous and irrational period of US politics. Drawing – ironically – on the propaganda posters of WWII, Jeff has designed a series of posters which can be downloaded at will and shared.


Says Gates: “Tired of the rancor between the political left and right, I formed the Chamomile Tea Party, a calming and centered force in American political discourse. When party politics, character assassination, and rhetoric take precedence over the good of the country and its people it’s time to say enough is enough! ….many Americans continue to suffer while… Congress has entered its pre-election “funny time,” when even less will be accomplished…. I’ve tried to convey the anger and resignation that many Americans feel right now in these posters”.


Below, the campaign gets aired on the Washington DC Metro.Image.”



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