PRODUCTS. NOW EVEN BIGGER! (than they really are)

As I sat glumly awaiting my train with the other commuters in the underground station, I contemplated the image in front of me. It seemed putting this up in an underground station is a little like sending holiday brochures to somebody in prison.

Then something ht me…the product pack is about 25% bigger than reality.
This is a common technique in advertising. In fact, in my very first job we worked on an el-cheapo furniture account. The product was all undersized, a three seater couch would sit two and a half men, etc. We had to scout for tiny models to make the stuff look normal. Shoots were bizarre, all these 5 foot high people running around, I haven’t felt so statuesque since taking a holiday in Guatemala.

Sorry about the terrible photo, it’s taken underground!



One Response to “PRODUCTS. NOW EVEN BIGGER! (than they really are)”

  1. Spear me through the heart why don’t you! Do you mean to say that we, the consumer are being manipulated and lied to by the advertising industry?

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