Bad Apple? Computer giant shows its not so lovely side.

The other day, lovely, shiny beloved Apple got into big trouble by misleading Australian consumers on the capabilities of its new iPad tablet. The Federal Court slapped Apple on the hand to the tune of  $2.25 million – or a little over a day’s profit.

Unfortunately when Apple implied the newest version of the iPad could connect with fourth generation cellular networks in Australia, they, ah, did a boo boo. It can’t.

Innocent mistake? Hmmm, well back in March Apple had been instructed to refund customers for the blunder and at that time, it agreed to display a statement saying the iPad is not compatible with current 4G networks. But somehow this subsequently slipped Apples mind, prompting Justice Bromberg in his ruling to note that “the most concerning aspect of Apple’s contravention… is the deliberate nature of its conduct”. Justice Bromberg pretty much accused Apple of deliberately ignoring the consumer watchdog, commenting that “global uniformity was given a greater priority than the need to ensure compliance”Image

The ACCC didn’t miss the opportunity to stick the knife in, chairman Rod Sims sounding just a little shrill “The $2.25 million penalty reflects the seriousness of a company the size of Apple refusing to change its advertising when it has been put on notice that it is likely to be misleading consumers.”

One is left wondering whether somebody at Apple made the decision to ‘stuff ’em, let’s see what we can get away with’. Lovely, shiny Apple with such friendly store staff.

What would Steve say?


2 Responses to “Bad Apple? Computer giant shows its not so lovely side.”

  1. Would you mind if I used your “bad apple” image for a blog/fb page I’m creating?

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