V Australia tortures customers to promote Sydney-LA route

Here’s one competition I would NOT want to win:

So the deal is that 3 lucky (??) finalists were flown to LA for 3 days. In itself a 3 day round trip to LA is not a particularly appealing prospect, but it gets worse. In order to win the (admittedly great) prize of 3 round the world tickets, the 3 guys had to send a tweet every minute (yep, all 4320 of them) of the entire three day trip.

The competition’s (strangely boring) site is here where you can read more about their trip. It should probably com as no surprise that the three punters looked exactly like you’d expect people who spend their life tweeting to look – pale, indoorsey and slightly gormless. One even had the competition’s logo tatttoed onto his torso – a questionable and slightly creepy brand victory which I’ll bet some agency somewhere is considering as a requirement of entry to the next ‘cool’ competition.

Droga 5, the agency involved, also packaged up a manic Youtube clip which borders on being irritating, but mostly makes me feel sorry for the three guys who were given a non-stop tour of questionable LA ‘attractions’ which they pretended to enjoy whilst scarcely ever looking up from their phones (love the bit where he almost walks into a lamp-post):

OK, it’s a pretty fun way to raise awareness about V Australia servicing the route…. if you’re aiming at young tweeters to whom travel is nothing more than a frantic tick-a-box opportunity to use social media. To anyone else the campaign suggests  that the airline as definitely one to be avoided!


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