Banks know why we hate them (or should). Here’s one that responded.

You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to respond meaningfully to those myriad of little things that annoy us so much when dealing with banks. And in fact the ill feeling toward banks is so great that you’d think a response would provide obvious strategic grounds for carving out competitive advantage.

Well, not so in Australia, where despite some campaign innovation appearing last year by NAB and the year before by Bankwest, banks mostly still communicate like the uncaring corporate behemoths they are. (PS for a great insight into just how unhappy some people are with their banks, take a look at The recent public outcry when the banks failed to pass an official rate cut onto customers was a great example of how they can misread – or is it wishful thinking – the extent of the public’s disdain for them.

Anyway, here’s one which hit some effective buttons, for me at least. The voiceover at the end is too cheesey, but the message works. What do you think? Would you change banks for this?

At last government regulations in Australia are making it easier to switch banks…perhaps these enormously profitable entities will show more willingness to respond to customer wants and needs.


3 Responses to “Banks know why we hate them (or should). Here’s one that responded.”

  1. Agree, is there a bank brave enougth here?

  2. Oh, and congrats on your shortest blog ever!

  3. don’t worry, I’m cooking up a long one next 😉

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