Who chased designers out of the web?

The more the web grows, the more boring it looks.

I love design, especially when its concept driven. So when the first rush of websites arrived in the late 90s, it was exciting to see all the experimentation, and as flash became ubiquitous in the 200s many webdev companies had a really strong design teams doing amazing things.

So what happened? Have you noticed how similar websites are looking? Where have the designers gone? Where has brand experience gone?

Utilitarianism has won out over experience. Websites are commodities. Nobody cares about feelings, fun, memorability, differentiation brand,… just ‘gimme the information’. We’re here for a short time, not a good time.

How very Orwellian we have become!

Sometimes the web resembles nothing more than a souped up phone directory,  library and complaints box all in one. I for one miss the fireworks.

Here’s the exception that prompted this post, nice work by Nestle.


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