We’re so damn smart, let’s not forget the big picture


The first transistor radio 55 years ago meant for the first time you could take music with you; it had 4 “transistors components.”

Today’s Intel Core 2 Duo has 291 million. It took 38 years for radios to reach 50 million sales. Some years later it took television 15 years to reach 50 million. In the 1990’s the internet reached 50 million in 4 years, face book hit 50 million users in just 2 years and for Twitter it was less than 12 months.  Six years after the first video was posted on YouTube  we have 1.2billion videos viewed per day (that’s more views per week than there are people on the planet).

So we’re pretty damn smart and we’re pretty damn connected..right?

Well, kind of depends who ‘we’ are. Let’s just not forget that the most recent poverty estimates published by the World Bank (in 2005) revealed that 1.4 billion people in the developing world (one in four) were living on less than US$1.25 a day, the definition standard of poverty. (Most of us would cry poor well before that level!).


Poverty levels have been dropping globally. However, the current sovereign debt concerns could make global borrowing more expensive for developing countries, curtail investment and growth, and ultimately result in poverty increasing. Developing countries with close trade and financial ties to highly-indebted high-income countries may feel serious ripple effects.

Our challenge is not to forget – especially in finacially unstable times – to use some of those smarts (and some of our welath)  for social good… in and beyond our backyard.



2 Responses to “We’re so damn smart, let’s not forget the big picture”

  1. Worth noting that the last decade saw the largest number of people lifted out of absolute poverty in history. Mainly due to economic growth in Asia.

  2. Noted, although it’s been fuelled mainly by unsustainable levels of consumption!

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