Get pissed easier with EFTPOS

In light of the ongoing community concerns about alcohol abuse, I was rather surprised to see this outdoor campaign being run by a financial institution.

Excuse the crappy phone-quality pic. The headline says “You can buy more than you think on Eftpos”. The beer has a card swipe in it.

Am I being oversensitive?

Eftpos booze ad

Eftpos booze ad


2 Responses to “Get pissed easier with EFTPOS”

  1. Keir Vaughan-taylor Says:

    I think you are over sensitive. The implication of “Get Pissed Easier with EFTPOS” is not part of the advertisement. This ad says you can buy beer with EFTPOS and that is all. There is no reference to alcohol or getting drunk. The beer industry is allowed to advertise and make reference to drinking beer. So also EFTPOS can say you can buy many things with EFTPOS including a night’s entertainment at a hotel.

    • You might be right about reading too much into the ad. I was reacting to the statement “you can buy more than you think”…ie Eftpos gives you easy access to all your money at a time when your judgement might not be 100% (ie pissed), thus buying “more beer than you had thought” might not be such a good thing to suggest – and my point was made in the context of a growing problem with binge drinking. I would agree that advertising does not reduce the need for individual responsibility.

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