A close call

I was just about to start blogging about this being a great early example of an ad by stealth, you know the “start-an-innocuous-sounding-‘public-body’-and-use-it-to-peddle-our-evil-product” strategy like the one that’s been recently used in Australia by the tabacco industry as they campaign against plain-packaging restrictions.

I mean the “drinking soda in the early formative years help them fit in during the awkward teen years” copy is just sooo good.

However, being the super-sleuth brand of blogger, I always check my facts, and I wanted to look into my theory (prompted by the giveaway clue of the bottle in the ad) that Coca Cola was behind the Soda Pop Board … lo and behold, I stumbled upon the mea culpa of the guy who created the ad…just seven years ago!

Yes, it’s a fake. An excellent one. Pity, I was all ready for a good bout of indignation and a well researched blog about underhand tactics.

Another day!



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