religious advertising – now with more humour!

Some say the Bible is the greatest brand ever created. Well every brand needs suitable promotion. The tradition of church-front sign-board messages every now and again throws up a gem.

Just loved this one, funny ads work, and this is a giggle…

But attendances are still down. So much for church-front media, we need to reach more eyeballs, what about more traditional outdoor:

Pretty good, but not quite effective enough however to make me believe! It’s the competition, they’ve become so damn powerful. So let’s run a straight up competitive ad…

Still not hitting the sweet spot, frankly execution ain’t that great. Impact. That’s what we need here. Maybe an offer  – like “This month only:  go to heaven guaranteed, only 50% of recommended  church attendance required!”

Nope, we need professional help. Here’s a thought, let’s find an ad agency….

What next? Can marketing save God?


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