Be stupid like the smart people at Diesel

Caught this street poster the other day, courtesy of happenin’ fashion brand Diesel.

Yep, we’re supposed to aspire to being stupid. Because it better to have balls than brains, apparently.In fact, Diesel considers this a bit of ‘sophisticated hipster‘ messaging. I wonder if they know what the word ‘condescension’ means.

Actually Diesel’s campaign, as expanded on its supporting site, attempts to wrap the campaign in irony and even encouragement. But it’s clumsy, ill-thought through, trying too hard and incredibly woolly. What the hell, a half-formed idea, here today, gone tomorrow, who cares, push it out there. Hey, I’ve got a great suggestion for Diesel: give a free pair of jeans to anyone who gets a full back tattoo saying “I’ve got balls but no brains”. On second thoughts, better not, you might get knocked over in the rush.

You know that game where you can choose any 6 people you’d like to have dinner with? Could I please request ANYONE in the ENTIRE world EXCEPT  the copywriter or marketing manager who allowed this piece of dogs poo to lower the tone of our universe. Thanks.

And for a final word, back to those good folks at Diesel…I couldn’t have said it better myself:


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