Marketing; a force for good. Potentially.

Nice little video about the power of good copy.

I found one of the comments posted on youtube very interesting: ” Can’t we come up with something better to offer a blind man than a spot on the pavement and an anonymous marketing course to boost charity? If words’ only power is to move me to flipping a coin from my pocket out of pity, then I can pretty much understand why the world is where it is today.”

I can sympathise with this, although I’m not sure the world is less caring than it ever was.  All but the best of us sometimes need help to feel empathy, just as its always been.

However there’s little doubt that in a world where we are so bombarded with worthless messages, we have inevitably become desentitised. So although marketing and the media have created desensitization, it is reassuring they can help provide solutions too. If only we used them that way more often.

This is a good example of marketing that muti-tasks by also offering a little ‘greater good’. Was it at the expense of its commercial aims?…at 8 million views, I’d say certainly not.


One Response to “Marketing; a force for good. Potentially.”

  1. this comment posted on youtube is good viewing (language warning)

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