The two last men on earth….

This story made me wonder about people.

Only two old men can still speak the ancient Ayapaneco language, one of the few in Mexico to survive the Spanish conquest –  Manuel Segovia and Isidro Velazquezto who live less than a kilometre apart in a small Mexican village. Once they’re gone, so is the language.

Saving this fragment of cultural timelessness would be easier if the two men shared it, but they don’t talk to each other and refuse to discuss how best to preserve their dying language.

Those close to the men aren’t sure what the conflict is about.

An anthropologist who is trying to record the language  found out they ‘don’t have much in common’. Apparently Mr Segovia is ‘prickly’ while Mr Velaquez  is ‘stoic’.

Whilst funny on the face of it, this is so sadly characteristic of human frailty. It made me imagine the last two men on earth, their stupid pride pitting one against the other until their last breath. It made me think about how stupidly short-sighted we can be.


One Response to “The two last men on earth….”

  1. Made me think of my family-a micro version of a much bigger macro family. Northern Ireland, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, the list is endless. God the human race is shit at resolving their difficulties but given half the chance who wouldn’t stop by any means necessary if pushed to it some of the eejits ruining this planet of ours?

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