An ad that serves a bigger, better purpose

Some ads do more than flog a product, though they’re rare.

This one made me realise I wish I was a better dad, made me wish my dad had been a better dad, made me think about my relationships and my life.

That’s a fine achievement. if I lived in NZ how could I not think well of a brand that displayed that sort of maturity and creative generosity.

Hell, maybe these guys can even contribute world peace…AND make money in the process…there’s a nice example of shared value. Play this ad in the middle east, somebody…….


2 Responses to “An ad that serves a bigger, better purpose”

  1. just saw the ad. hokey nonsense filmed and used to play to your heart strings to sell a product. do advertising execs really give a feck about anything but selling product. its their job after all.

    • …erm I do! Others do too….this is what one of the USA’s m ost successful admen has done with his time since selling hi agency

      Yes the ad’s emotionally manipulative and a bit soppy, but I think that’s a big improvement on just empty selling a product because I think every ad has a little cultural impact, mostly not a good one. This one surely could only do good in terms of making people stop and think for a minute. It did me.

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