Advertisers don’t want to change the world. Well they failed on THAT score!

I’ve been having an interesting discussion on ad industry site Mumbrella about the use of stereotypes in advertising, which led me to a realisation.

In keeping with the prevailing head-in-the-sand position taken by the ad industry, my debater posted “Advertisers on the whole aren’t trying to change the world, they just want to stand out and sell product at the lowest possible investment.”

My response is that of course selling product changes the world! Every transaction that we encourage causes a cycle of production – often utilising finite natural resources; consumption – often not good for our health; and waste. And that’s to say nothing about the cultural impact that advertising has on us.

Marketers and advertisers have to  understand this, have the balls to acknowledge it and at the very least do what they do with eyes open. I’m not naive enough to think that we can change our entire industrial/consumption models overnight, but it’s imperative that we open discussion and contemplation about such things if we are to even bother looking for more sustainable models. PLEASE watch this incredibly important video:


One Response to “Advertisers don’t want to change the world. Well they failed on THAT score!”

  1. I agree with you and the video completely! We need to figure out a different way to live in this world of finite resources. We need to become more sustainable. And we need to stop doing things that are harmful to ourselves and our world.

    The Green Guerilla

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