When the whales ran out we had to rethink. Are we not capable of doing the same again?

Sometimes it seems as though we’re so invested in existing forms of economic and industrial production that we’re unable to alter the path we’re on. Look how heavily we rely on fossil fuels for example.

This extraordinary and sad video from the 30s merrily lists all the uses to which whale products were put. And we hung on until the species was almost extinct…but we did eventually change. Have we learned anything from this experience? What is it in us that makes us hang on to something that we know can’t last until it’s almost too late?


3 Responses to “When the whales ran out we had to rethink. Are we not capable of doing the same again?”

  1. Excellent point. We are definitely knee-deep in a moment of opportunity with plenty of options that we are batting aside for no more reason that the sanctity of current culture norms. I think it’s odd that despite our inherent aversion to change, as a race we are the most adaptable on the planet. If we could only breed in a little foresight.

  2. Hit the nail on the head! I agree with you so much on this. Seriously what is it about humans that makes us so reluctant to change? Even though the change is usually for the better, and makes our lives easier. When are we going to learn?

    The Green Guerilla

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