Agencies that kiss the ass that the client’s head is up.

Quick link to a great article on the importance of speaking straight with your client without fear or favour, and the importance of your client encouraging you to do so,  by Simon Longstaff of St James Ethics centre. It’s a few years old, but worth dusting off:

At their worst, some clients expect agencies to be their lap-dogs, ready to roll over whenever the master whistles. At their worst, some agencies feel compelled to comply; forced to gobble up whatever scraps are thrown from their master’s table.

In case anyone in Adland has not noticed, in the wake of Enron, WorldCom, HIH, One.Tel and so on, lawyers and accountants are being forced to establish a proper degree of independence from their clients. Billions of dollars have been lost, lives brought close to ruin, brand reputations are in tatters because advisers didn’t have the dignity and moral courage to speak their minds and give independent advice.

Great stuff. I love my St James!


One Response to “Agencies that kiss the ass that the client’s head is up.”

  1. That was a good article, thank you for sharing!

    The Green Guerilla

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