It’s official: I am a grumpy bastard even upset by ice cream

I guess if i can get upset about ice cream, there’s no helping me.

But when I saw this new Streets product I was just aghast as the incredibly irresponsible use of resources.

streets magnum temptation

Surely to god we should be moving toward LESS packaging, not more. failed to make any comment of course. “In another first for Magnum, the new Temptation is packaged in a lavish, eye-catching jewellery box, which immediately conveys the premium nature of the treat inside. ” Actually a search of the web shows no critical comment whatsoever about the packaging..and plenty of Facebook fans. Clearly, being grump about such things is a lonely job!

I find the “add more expensive packaging to justify a higher premium” a rather cynical approach and one which flies in the face of sustainability. Pity, it’s a nice product and magnum is an innovative power product. If you want to know more go here.


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