Pepsi, please save my world (but not from sugar!)

Pepsi, a corporation which let’s face it hardly contributes anything useful to humanity other than a questionable combination of gas, water, sugar and chemicals has initiated a worthy web-based interactive ideas generator under the title The Pepsi Refresh Project.
The site encourages philanthropic brainstorming – you simply post your world-improving idea or vote for other peoples’ and Pepsi will fund the ones it considers best. It will award more than $20 million this year to causes with so far 96 ideas funded at a cost of just over $4m. Apparently it’s getting 1000 ideas per month.

Indra Nooyi Pepsi’s CEO says she champions “performance with a purpose” within the organization, with “a focus on creating more wholesome products and increasing sustainability practices”.

This is a really fantastic program despite the whiff of irony in Pepsi using some of the the profits from their extremely unhealthy but very profitable products in this way…while looking for “more wholesome products”. Oh, and i wonder if the web agency produced the site pro-bono…does anybody know?
pespi drinker


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