At last some great news: massive US foods group pledges to take action on obesity

In what appears to be a masssive Corporate Social Responsibility move, a group of the largest US food makers, including General Mills, Nestle, Coca Cola and PepsiCo, have come together to address obesity making a pledge to cut 1.5 trillion of calories from markt availability by the end of 2015.poor child
The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
coalition, headed by Kellogg boss David Mackay will achieve the reduction through reformulations and smaller serves. It’s a first-of-its kind coalition that brings together more than 80 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, sporting goods, insurance, trade associations and NGOs

The calorie cuts were announced by Michelle Obama who also unveiled a “task force” that called on food manufacturers to curb the marketing of unhealthy foods to children and in February launched a campaign to encourage US families to eat more healthily and exercise more.

Looks like Mrs Pres has done a great lobbying job. Health campaigners said the coalition’s move seemed “sincere and measurable”. What remains unknown is how effective it will be and so funding has also been provided for an independent evaluation of the extent to which the group’s efforts actually reduce calories in the marketplace.

Nestle and Pepsi will no doubt be mightily relieved that we here at Marketingheart applaud this initiative, but rest assured dear readers, we will be watching it closely for signs of phoniness and will be the first to report any sign of cheap message exploitation and inauthenticity. However 1.5 trillion reasons to be more healthy sounds good to us at this point…now let’s see what happens here in Australia where our obesity problem has apparently caught up with the USA’s.

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