Google goes half way on wind power

Google has made its first direct investment in a utility-scale renewable energy project — two wind farms that generate 169.5 megawatts of power – enough to support more than 55,000 homes.

Why would they do such a thing? According to Rick Needham, Google Green Business Operations Manager, on the company’s blog: “We’re aiming to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy – in a way that makes good business sense too,” .

Good business sense? Hmmm… electricity generated by the wind farms isn’t used to power any part of the company’s operation. Nope, the energy from the facilities is being sold to the grid. So it’s not about creating a nice closed loop energy system as you’d think it might have been.

Google needed the money? I don’t think so. What’s this really about? Looks like a missed opportunity to me.


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