The lucky country….. Lucky, stupid, dumb, complacent.

Australians are lagging behind the rest of the world in routinely buying Fairtrade food products, according to a report from Datamonitor. Datamonitor research found that, while 62 per cent of Australians believe it is important to choose grocery products that support Fairtrade, only 14 per cent are buying such products regularly i.e. ‘most of the time’ or ‘all the time’, which is even lower than the global average of 23 per cent (which presumably includes countries which can afford to support Fairtrade to a far lesser degree than us).

With the Fairtrade Fortnight approaching this coming May, Australians have a real opportunity to boost the Fairtrade movement in Australia. Fairtrade will apparently be running a campaign to encourage consumers to switch to Fairtrade products. The campaign called “The Big Swap” is modelled on the same which was run in the UK….not that there are any details of the campaign on Fairtrade’s website

Why is Australia so behind on these matters? Here, Datamonitor research says “it will require a concerted effort from consumers and industry players alike to bring Fairtrade into the mainstream”.

Oh well, an effort being required puts us out of contention, right?

Well, let’s see but let’s also give kudos where it’s due: Earlier this year for example, Fairtrade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate began to hit shelves across both Australia and New Zealand, benefiting more than 45,000 farmers in Ghana by providing them with the security of fair and stable prices for their produce, and investment in community development.

So, let’s see some action from Coles!! In the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s now lays claim to being the world’s biggest Fairtrade retailer, while the other supermarket companies have all backed Fairtrade to varying degrees.


3 Responses to “The lucky country….. Lucky, stupid, dumb, complacent.”

  1. I note that as part of Fairtrade fortnight Coles has announced an increase in its Fairtrade product range. I’ll cover this in a separate post.

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