Corporate responsibility..a movement which needs some brand work

I attended a Corporate Social Responsibility networking function last week (I am not inclined to this kind of event but it was tolerably interesting), and it struck me that in marketing terms the CSR ‘movement’ lacks the clear-sighted focus necessary to build a strong brand.

Within the movement there are a number of threads – ethics, environmental considerations, employee wellbeing, supply chain responsibility, community impact to name a few. The problem is, there is no clear and exhaustive definition as to what CSR actually includes, and where it’s key focus (or focii) lies. Some kind of hierarchy needs to be developed whereby an umbrella brand can support these threads.

But with many groups jumping on the CSR bandwagon, who is placed to facilitate and lead that high level brand development work which will require industry support – where is the peak body to grasp this challenge?

One Response to “Corporate responsibility..a movement which needs some brand work”

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