Brands that behave are brands consumers prefer – well duh!

A study by Landor Associates, Penn Schoen Berland and Burson-Marsteller has shown that consumers like brands they perceive as being more socially responsible. Gee who woulda thought those consumers would be so damn smart!

Yep, 77 percent of consumers believe corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important. And how do they demonstrate CSR? Easy: give back to the local community (20 percent) and engage in self-regulation and accountability (19 percent).

So – share a little of the wealth that was provided by your customers back to them for their benefit, and behave decently. Oh, and if you combine all this good stuff with not actually rippin ’em off, that works too; when price is comparable, 55% are more likely to choose a product that supports a cause.

Are the corporations alert to this trend? Well, not acording to the respondents. Only 11% were aware of hearing CSR messages from any company over the past year.

The picture is even more interesting in the onine space whwre just 13% had come across a company engaged in CSR but seventy-five% of those said they were more likely to purchase products from the company as a result.

Now, if only the corps were as smart as their customers…..


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