some really solid selling tips

You know I really detest selling, but reading this short document literally gave me a goosebumps. I’ve been scanning this sort of stuff for decades and it simply doesn’t get any better than this.

It is so very relevant, it so closely echoes my ongoing efforts to increase sales effectiveness, it so smoothly dovetails into our own sales process.

Usually I feel the need to adapt these documents to better fit with our own situation, but I could not have said a single word of this any better:

the focus on researching the prospect and understanding their business needs
the focus on the prospect’s business problems rather than our products
the focus on preparing then asking questions and gathering insights
leaving the sell and the credentials till AFTER the necessary insights and understanding have been achieved
even then, always putting our products into the context of solving the prospect’s business challenges (“ditch the pitch”)

Its 5 selling strategies can immediately and practically be applied to most sales endeavours.

And, no I have nothing to gain from this rave. I am in no way associated with this publication or its author.



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