“Give More, Take Less”…….come off it!NAB

Yep, Give More, Take Less is the new campaign line from National Australia Bank…which officially shortened its name to NAB – desperate like all banks to appear more friendly

OK so Give More, take Less i a fine sentiment for society. But a bank? A bank that makes huge profits, charges high banking fees and generally behaves like any other corporate machinery ie from a basis of how can we give less and take more?

I mean, come on…. Just go ahead, NAB, and DEMONSTRATE that promise. LIVE it. PROVE it.

Personally I accept that banks need to be profitable, it assures stability. I’m not commenting on their commercial operations here. All I have to say that in their rush to appear friendly, decent and generally on-side, they really behave in the most off-putting annoying ways.NAB's boss makes an artform of becoming unpopular

As my 9 year old daughter would say: “Try-hards”.


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